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Vola Innovity Lenses for ski goggles represent the pinnacle of optical innovation, tailored to elevate your skiing adventure. These lenses boast a remarkable photochromic feature that dynamically adjusts to varying light conditions, offering consistently clear visibility in both bright and low-light scenarios. Integral to their design is a double-layered polycarbonate lens equipped with an advanced anti-fog treatment, ensuring your vision remains unobstructed by moisture in any weather.


A standout feature is the lens attachment system, utilizing strong magnets for swift and effortless lens swapping. This design caters to the diverse needs of skiers, allowing for quick adaptation to changing weather conditions. The lenses are rated Protection Class 3 and provide UV400 protection, ensuring comprehensive shielding from harmful UV rays.


Further enhancing these lenses is the FULL REVO tint, which imparts a striking multicolor mirror effect, not only adding to the aesthetic appeal but also improving visual clarity and contrast. The frame is crafted from flexible polyurethane, ensuring it comfortably conforms to various helmet shapes, providing a snug, secure fit. Vola Innovity Lenses are not just an accessory but an essential component for any skier seeking to blend style, comfort, and unparalleled visual performance on the slopes.

Vola Innovity Lenses

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