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We understand that every ski race and ski mountain have their unique preferences and style, and that's why the our Sublimated products come with a fully customizable feature. With this option, you can truly make the bib your own, tailoring it to reflect your personality and team identity.


Choose from a vast array of colors, patterns, and design elements to create a bib that stands out from the crowd. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant hues or sleek and minimalistic designs, the possibilities are endless.


The sublimation process ensures that your chosen design is seamlessly infused into the fabric, resulting in a high-definition, fade-resistant finish that looks stunning and professional on the slopes. Showcase your team logo, sponsor logos, or inspirational motifs – the choice is yours.


The option to add your name or initials to the bib further elevates the customization experience, making it truly yours and adding a touch of personalization that sets you apart from the rest of the field.


Our commitment to excellence ensures that the customization process is quick, easy, and hassle-free. Once you've created your masterpiece, our production team will bring your vision to life, using the latest printing technology to craft a bib that exceeds your expectations.


Whether you're part of a competitive racing team or ski mountain looking to express your unique style, the Sublimated Bib with its customizable feature empowers you to make a statement on the slopes. Embrace this exciting opportunity to unleash your creativity and enjoy a ski bib that's as exceptional and distinctive as you are.


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Slopestyle Bib - Women

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