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The Level Ski Team backpack is specially designed to meet the rigorous demands of racing
ski, ensuring you have everything you need close at hand while
conquering the mountains. Here's why it's your ultimate companion:
1. Side pockets: Quick access to essentials.
2. Adjustable sternum strap: Secure fit for steep descents
3. Adjustable abdominal belt: Personalized comfort.
4. Ergonomic padded shoulder straps: Comfortable, even during
long runs.
5. Large front pocket with daisy chain: Keep your running gear
6. Side Mesh Pockets: Stay Hydrated and Carry Gear
7. Quick Access Top Pockets: Easy access to small items.
8. Strong waterproof base: Protects equipment from moisture.
9. Rain Cover: Ready protection for all weather conditions.
The Level Ski Team backpack is much more than just a backpack; it's a
trusted teammate who enhances your racing experience. With her
thoughtful design and advanced features, it is your preferred choice for
conquer the slopes. Elevate your performance with the Level Ski Team backpack, where
form meets function for the ultimate ski racing adventure.

Level Backpack Ski Team 40LT Goldeneagle

SKU: 7521BP66
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