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Comax have developed a new tool to remove side walls. It increases the quality of work whilst reducing operation time. Thanks to it’s three simultaneous movements the new tool leaves a quality finished side wall.
The product was immediately patented to ensure it’s uniqueness as there is nothing similar on the market.
Technically the side wall tool works by two adjustable axis movements and one removal movement, it is very compact, ergonomic and as all Carrot products, it allows the first time user to very quickly gain confidence after a few passes.
It’s possible to have three different blade sizes that have been developed after consultations with World Cup ski technicians. The differences is in the cutter length, the longer size is used for DH / SG speed skis, the middle size for GS / SL and the shorter for children's skis.

Carrot Electric Sidewall Machine

SKU: 1023
Only 2 left in stock
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