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The BACOENG ASH200L ash vacuum cleaner is tailored specifically for collecting cold ash from fireplaces, wood stoves, pellet stoves, and BBQ grills. With a reusable HEPA and washable filter bag, this vacuum ensures fine dust particles are captured, preventing them from dispersing into the air and settling in your living space after cleanup. The high-speed filtration system also protects the motor from potential ash and dust damage.


It's a robust device with ample suction and storage capabilities. However, it's worth noting that extremely fine dust like Peat Ash (as opposed to wood ash) can quickly block the filter, which diminishes the suction strength (evident when the indicator turns fully red). The finer the ash, the more quickly it adheres to the dacron filter's surface. When the filter coverage is maxed out at 100%, the suction diminishes, though the vacuum can still be used. Emptying the canister and brushing off the dacron filter should help regain most of the suction.


Wondering about the role of the dacron filter in affecting suction? While it's possible to operate without it and solely use the HEPA filter, the dacron filter offers unique advantages. For those prioritizing filtering efficacy, safety, and cost-efficiency, we advocate for the two-stage filtration system. But if continuous, strong suction is a top priority, you might consider relying on the HEPA filter alone. Ensure ash has cooled for over 48 hours before vacuuming. Regardless of your filter choice, regular cleaning is essential to safeguard the motor and maintain optimal suction.

Bacoeng Metal Shard Vacuum and Dust Steel 20L

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  • The motor’s over-heating prevention mechanism ensures your safety;

    - The Vacuum’s design allows for convenient storage of basic product accessories;

    - A filling level signal indicates when the tank must be emptied.

    The BACOENG ASH Vacuum has a humanized design that will elevate the quality of your cleaning experience. 


    • Container Size(Gallon): 5.3
    • Power(W): 1200
    • Volts(VAC): 120
    • Frequency(Hz): 60
    • Cable length(Ft): 15
    • Mental hose length(Ft): 5


    • The ash vacuum is designed for dry application, not suitable for wet use.
    • It can actually hold about 3.5 gallons of ash and dust not full 5.3 gallons.
    • Designed for cold ash pickup only.

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