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The cylindrical Atomic Savor Big HD RS is a complete package for racers up to World Cup level.

Included are the HD lens technology for sensational contrast vision in the snow and the Fusion Double Lens (FDL), in which the two lenses are laminated without a foam layer in between. The result is an up to 20% larger field of view and fog-free vision without refractions and reflections. In addition, there is a Live Fit frame that fits comfortably to the face. It is Over The Glasses (OTG) compatible and can be worn comfortably over optical glasses if required. The ski goggles come with two tinted HD lenses and one transparent lens. So you're ready for any race, whether by day or by night!

Atomic SAVOR BIG HD RS Goggles

SKU: AN5106210
  • Frame

    • Large Fit
    • Live Fit Frame
    • OTG lite (Over The Glasses)
    • Vent Foam
    • Adaptive LF Tri-Layer Face Foam
    • Silicone-coated Strap

    Lens Construction

    • Cylindrical Fusion Double Lens (FDL)
    • HD Lens Technology
    • Supreme Anti-scratch Outer Lens (PC)
    • Hydrophobic Lens Coating
    • 8x Anti-fog Inner Lens (AC)
    • Easy Lens Switch
    • Extra Lens included
    • Main lens: Green HD - S3-S2 (sunny - cloudy)
    • Lens 2: Yellow/Blue HD - S2-S1 (cloudy - poor)
    • Lens 3: Clear Stereo - S0 Floodlight (VLT 90%)
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