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KOLL's ski boot cover WarmBoot provides style  ♥️ & comfort 🔥with a layer of insulation designed to withstand the harsh climate of the Canadian mountains. It keeps the whole family's warmth in check! ✴ 30-day satisfaction guaranteed✴


  • Up to 12°C of extra warmth thanks to the 5mm thick outer shell.
  • Protects against wind, snow and rain, waterproof.
  • Secure, thick and very strong waistband to counter abrasion.
  • Better quality and more resistant neoprene for our new collection.
  • Velcro heel loop made of steel to withstand the Canadian cold!
  • Finished with a higher quality and improved stitching thread for our new collection and to resist wear and tear even longer!
  • Anti-abrasion reinforcement added to the safety strap: welded and sewn on both sides of the strap that goes under the boot.


For snowboard boots, the boot cover keeps snow, ice, and dirt from clinging to the laces while keeping moisture off your feet to keep them warm!

KOLL Ski Boot Cover Warmboot Classic - Black/Orange

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