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With a selected wood core, HOLLOWTECH 2.0 and corund-protection top foil, the ZX ALPHA is a true Kästle freerider for the next generation of riders. With three different middle widths (75, 85, & 95 mm), every little aspiring freeride pro is guaranteed to find the perfect setup.


Robust and sturdily constructed, it is the faithful companion of all Young Guns on their first powder days.


Premounted with:

  • 119cm-139cm with JRS BASE M
  • 149cm with JRS BASE L


Sold with the K7.5 SX GW Bindings.

Kästle ZX ALPHA JR | K7.5 SX GW Bindings

  • Radius: 12.5 m

    Weigth/ski (g): 1680

    Binding plate: FIS PLATE INTERFACE 14MM

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