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The Coaches Bibs

Rumored to be worn by almost every coach on the FIS World Cup circuit, our Coaches Bibs have been tested and trusted by the best in the industry. These pants, featuring padded knees, heavy plain weave 2L Gore-Tex® treated with DWR, and 60g of PrimaLoft® Black Eco insulation, the Coaches Bibs' popularity can likely be attributed to their unprecedented combination of warmth, comfort, storage and durability.

The Coaches Bibs, which have been likened by many to "the Mary Poppins' Purse of Ski Pants" have seemingly endless storage. From dedicated blade and tool cargo pockets to zippered chest pockets and a pouch specifically designed to accommodate a radio, all of the necessary tools and technology fit seamlessly into these armored beauties. Perhaps so much so, that Park Crews, snowcat drivers, slednecks, and dads have grown particularly fond of their unique durability, storage, and comfort. 

From carrying sharp objects such as drills and screw driver, to kneeling to make sure boots are dialed, the coaches bibs are a workhorse favorite. These bad bibs aren't just for coaches and come in clutch when tweaking toddlers boots thanks to the knee pads. It would stand to reason they are a crowd favorite, considering we've sold out of them for almost 40 years and counting...

Spyder Coaches Bib

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