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Savor Big Stereo goggles are packed with all the latest in ski-eyewear technology. That includes Fusion Double Lens (FDL), Atomic’s next-generation double lens that is laminated together, providing a massive field of vision, that is up to 20% larger, with no reflections or fogging. With Stereo Lens Technology, the nine layers of high-end mirror coating in the lens increase protection from glare, reduce eye fatigue and perfectly balance your environment’s color for 100% clarity. They’re also Over The Glasses compatible (OTG LITE) meaning they fit comfortably over prescription glasses if needed. Enjoy the snow, wherever you go!


SKU: AN5106282
  • Frame

    • Large Fit
    • Live Fit Frame
    • OTG lite (Over The Glasses)
    • Vent Foam
    • Adaptive LF Tri-Layer Face Foam
    • Silicone-coated Strap

    Lens Construction

    • Cylindrical Fusion Double Lens (FDL)
    • HD Lens Technology
    • Supreme Anti-scratch Outer Lens (PC)
    • Hydrophobic Lens Coating
    • 8x Anti-fog Inner Lens (AC)
    • Easy Lens Switch
    • Extra Lens included
    • Main lens: Green HD - S3-S2 (sunny - cloudy)
    • Lens 2: Yellow/Blue HD - S2-S1 (cloudy - poor)
    • Lens 3: Clear Stereo - S0 Floodlight (VLT 90%)
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