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ATOMIC Redster G9i Black PREMIUM - X12 TL

$1,049.00 $349.00

2019-20 Atomic Redster G9i Premium is the supercharged sports car of our Redster range. It’s created for the piste but packed with World Cup approved race tech. Like Servotec.

Basically power steering for your skis, a pre-stressed Servotec rod and elastomer helps the ski steer at all speeds. More agile in turns, more stable on straights. The thicker, stronger Ultra Titanium Powered laminate – previously only available for FIS skis – runs from sidewall to sidewall for more stability, torsional rigidity, and edge grip. These two features combine for precision control and stability you need, whether you’re keeping your foot down on the race course, or going for big, long turns when piste skiing.


SKI SIZE : 171, 177, 183
TIP WIDTH (MM) : 109, 110, 111
TAIL WIDTH : 95.5, 96.5, 97.5
RADIUS (M) : 17.6, 18.4, 19.4

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