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LEKI WCR LITE GS 3D 65065901


Every gate will give in to the 16 mm poles made of high-strength aluminum. The GS bend and Downhill basket provide for the optimal aerodynamics. This is complemented by the newly developed Trigger 3D Pro G grip. The new Trigger 3D System offers more control through a direct connection between the gloves and poles. In addition, the ease of use has been improved for quick, simple click in and out and a larger release range through an innovative, three-dimensional triggering in which the triggering spectrum has been expanded four times.


The Trigger 3D system is the further development of the Trigger S technology. With it's 220° release angle, the ease of use is even better and the risk of injury even lower.


Four non-slip finger grooves and an additional support area offer maximum grip and superior comfort. The slalom grip is compatible with all trigger straps and gloves.

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