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ATOMIC Redster G9 X12 TL RS (2018-19) AASS01478

$1,099.00 $529.00

The Redster G9 is the supercharged sports car of the Atomic Redster range, packed with World Cup approved race tech. And this year the big news is we’ve literally given it power steering! The secret is the new pre-stressed Servotec rod and elastomer on the top, which supports the ski’s steering behavior at all speeds. So steering is more agile in low-speed turns then more stable on fast straights. Giving you the agility and stability you need to keep your foot down – on the race course and on piste.

The top Redster for giant slalom and big fast turns on piste – featuring Servotec.


Servotec is Atomic's radical innovation for racing and high-performance piste skiing. The name comes from ‘Servolenkung’ because that’s what it is – the first power steering for skis! The secret is the Servotec rod on the top of the ski and the elastomer just under the binding:

  • The rod is under tension, meaning the elastomer connected to it is compressed. The whole ski is therefore in a pre-stressed position – essentially ready to turn.
  • As the ski bends into a turn, the compression in the elastomer is relaxed. It rebounds out like a spring, pulling the rod with it and actively supporting the flex of the ski. This makes steering lighter and quicker.
  • Then on fast straights the rod and elastomer dampen out bumps and ruts in the slope and even swallow up negative swings. This keeps your steering firmer and more stable when skiing straight at high speeds.

X12 TL Bindings:

The X12 TL Binding is adjustable without a tool from 260 to 350 sole lengths by simply opening and closing the lever and setting your boot size to your sole number on the scale. The TL lever is located between the toe and heel for a quick and simple adjustments.  350- 365 boot soles require the heel base to be relocated into the rear hole set on the ski. Fullflex technology provides superb control as you make your way from one side of the mountain to the other. Improved snow contact and the safety of high elasticity make the X12 TL ski binding the perfect bridge between boot and ski.


Servotec: Generates maximum agility in turns and maximum stability at speed.

High Speed Sidecut: Less sidecut means top stability at high speed – but with the feel of a more shaped ski thanks to Servotec.

Titanium Powered: A titanium layer above and below the core creates supreme shock absorption, strong running stability and a high torsional flex.

Full Sidewall: Runs across the full length of the ski for precise steering, ideal for high-performing race and piste skis.

Power Wood Core: A combination of hard ash and light poplar that's stable and sporty for Atomic's high-performance skis.

Nano TPU Top Sheet: A structured surface for added durability makes this ski retail and rental ready.

World Cup Base Finish: Highest quality material and fastest finish possible.

Active Camber: (100% camber)  With active camber more of the skis edge length stays in contact with the snow. This creates better grip on icy slopes and makes the ski super stable.

X12 TL Bindings: The Atomic X 12 TL RS ski binding is the ideal option if you’re looking for real race performance. With a DIN value from 4 to 12, the X 12 TL RS delivers top power transfer, total control and, crucially, fantastic speed – all without the hassle of tools!

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